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D-Day + 26

My sojourn to the mountains has taught me exactly two things:

1.) Being eaten by a bear is even less fun than it sounds.

2.) Killing a bear out of season carries up to a $10,000 fine and one year in jail.

Aside from that, it wasn't a total failure. I still enjoy the solitude of the mountians. I wouldn't have come back at all if not for the fact that my rent is due tomorrow and I haven't got anywhere near enough money in the bank to cover it. If I don't have a check for my landlord come tomorrow, no doubt I'd have an eviction notice in my hand come midnight. Between missing work lately and the explosives, I'm pretty much flat broke. I could call Jeff and borrow the money, but then I'd have to listen to him talk about how he makes two dollars more than I do because he eats shit at the Duty desk. I don't need weeks of his smug superiority. 

No, I already know what I have to do, as much as it kills me.

Just one phone call...